• Craniosacral


    (allow 45 minutes to 1 hour )


  • Localized Massage

    (30-45 minutes)


  • Therapeutic or Relaxation Massage

    (one hour)


  • Extended Therapeutic or Relaxation Massage

    (90 minutes )


Description Of Service

I have been thoroughly trained in Esalen Relaxation, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy. In my experience, most clients do not know the difference between the techniques or when they should be used. Therefore, regardless of the treatment, the price is the same (with the exception of craniosacral therapy). I combine techniques to get the best results, whether that is reducing stress and pain, increasing movement and strength or assisting the immune system to dispose of unwanted fluids, toxins and the like.

I take time to do a thorough intake evaluation and also educate the client about maintaining the gains made during the session. This will NOT reduce the hands-on time of the massage, but it is critical to achieving lasting results.

The pressure I use is tailor-made to the client’s needs and preferences. You have only to speak up to have it adjusted. When the pressure is uncomfortable for a client (whether too light or deep), there is a tendency to ‘guard’, reducing the ability of the therapist to achieve the goals of the session. The client is a partner and participant in the session. Feedback is good!

About Craniosacral Therapy – it is a very light touch modality, performed around the head, spine, torso and feet on a clothed client. The purpose is to balance the flow of cerebrospinal fluid through the nervous system. This may result in some profound changes, but the minimum result is a deep relaxation. It has been found helpful in cases of ADHD, vertigo, spasms and trauma.

“Your kind referrals to friends and family, and honest testimonials on my social media are the shows of appreciation I prefer. I no longer accept tips. Instead, please see me more often!”

My Training

  • Massage:

    Cortiva Institute (formerly Humanities Center)

    Pinellas Park FL

  • Facials:

    Traviss Career Center

    Lakeland FL

  • Licenses:

    FL Massage MA16987

    FL Facials FB9729772

    NC Massage 6793

    FL Est MM25566

    Nat’l Certification 516791

  • Addt’l Training

    Zei Nei ChiGong

    BodyTalk System I & II

    Manual Lymph Drainage

    Usui Reiki – First Degree

    Traditional Thai Massage

    Thai Foot Reflexology